Breathe in beauty every day. Anoint yourself with love.

Spikenard is the scent of universal love. It is mentioned in the bible as the oil Mary Magdalene used to anoint the feet of Jesus. Rose triggers associations of love and reward that trigger our brains to make oxytocin, while the French rose and tuberose comfort and calm.

Breathe in. Emote peaceful, uplifting radiance. You are the flower that attracts all the bees. You are the Divine Lover.

SCENT PROFILE: Divine Lover is a delicious oil-based perfume of tumbling floral notes. Rose, Tuberose, and jasmine waft past you. A combination of French Rose, Morrocan rose, and absolute rose dance with sweet jasmine top notes and fragrant tuberose. Hints of bergamot brighten the floral scent.

Natural perfume. No Synthetics—ever. Vegan.

INGREDIENTS: Fractionated coconut oil, rose absolute, Moroccan rose, rose otto, tuberose, jasmine, bergamot, natural isolates, natural preservative extracted from roses.

Divine Lover Huile de Parfum

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