What if changing your perfume could actually change your life--for the better? Scentsory Meditation Kits are designed to give you the power. Scent is connected to memory, so imagine using a scent to dial in a particular goal or state of being and being brought back of that new, expansive state every time you wear the scent.

The kit includes a Calming Room Spray, which sets the mood for your meditation with calming and clearing lavender. The perfume, Modern Peasant Light Bringer, sets the mental tone with the natural scents of honeysuckle and jasmine--both aromatherapy scents are known to foster calm joy, lightheartedness, and elation. 

Directions on how to complete the Scentsory Meditation is included, as well as a beautiful tryptic with the mantra for your altar or desk space. 

Scentsory Meditation Kit - Optimism

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