Marble freize of peasnts being escorted by angels
Alchemy magically changes lead to gold.
Modern Peasant transforms plants to perfume
that help turn emotional lead into gold.


Modern Peasant is about beautiful products that help people help themselves—one delicious inhale at a time. Our products are designed for scent and aromatherapy benefits that can help you feel calmer, feel more optimistic, and so much more. 

The power of scent to support emotional wellness has been woefully under-estimated. The olfactory  bulb--the part of the brain that processes scent--send messages straight to the amygdala, which is the part of the brain associated with fear and emotions. Humans use scent to stay alive--recognizing good for you vs. stay away. Scents can trigger oxytocin by triggering the reward center in the brain. Scent can trigger the parasympathetic system to calm.Leverage the memory link and you have a powerful healing tool.

Joy is free, but a shift from anxious to calm or fearful to optimistic doesn't happen without attention. Scent is a wonderful, gentle way to bring your attention back to a more positive outlook. Think Cognitive Behavioral Therapy without all the "Face your Fears." The scent can remind you to be optimistic, to remember that you are capable, lovable, and more.

At Modern Peasant we start with ingredients. Aromatic perfume bases are created from plants and aged for months before essential oils, hydrosols, and natural isolates are layered into the formulas. We leverage the powers of aromatherapy— avoiding chemicals and petroleum products that can trigger fragrance sensitivities. Our ethically sourced, natural perfumes meet Sephora's Clean Beauty Standards and are vegan.

The Alchemist of Modern Peasant 

Lakenda Wallace is the Owner/Alchemist of Modern Peasant, a Member of the Institute of Art & Olfaction Board of Directors, and a Natural Perfumery Teacher. She has also lived a double life for more than 25 years. 

While working in Digital Marketing in San Francisco, she discovered Reiki energy healing and aromatherapy. She developed both skills, as a means to heal herself from a trauma-infused childhood--determined to give her daughters a start in life free from fear. This meant addressing her own fears and self-restrictions.

Through self-propelled aromatherapy healing, meditation, Reiki and a little somatic therapy, Lakenda found practical ways to repair her most important relationship--the one with herself. She credits her own scent and meditation practices with her current access to her inner power.

Lakenda's perfumes leverage her extensive knowledge of aromatherapy and energetic healing techniques. These two passions come together in Modern Peasant as a singular purpose to help the world heal from its collective trauma—one breath at a time.