The Modern Peasant Makes a Lot out of a Little— starting with ingredients. Aromatic perfume bases are created from plants and aged for a minimum of 3 months. Plant extracts, essential oils, and natural isolates are layered over the perfume bases to leverage the powers of aromatherapy— avoiding chemicals and petroleum products that can trigger fragrance sensitivities. Our ethically sourced, natural perfumes meet Sephora's Clean Beauty Standards.

We make the most of scent as well. Like a fragrant apothecary our products are designed to assist positive emotional shifts that can help calm, uplift, and more. By adding meditation, we give you the tools to create positive change in your life—one delicious inhale at a time.

Modern Peasant is about beautiful products that help people help themselves. Joy is free, but a shift from anxious to calm or fearful to optimistic doesn't happen without attention. Scent is a wonderful, gentle way to bring your attention back to a more positive outlook.


Lakenda Wallace, Owner/Alchemist, Modern Peasant lived a double life for more than 25 years. While working as a Marketing Project Manager, she discovered Reiki energy healing and aromatherapy. She developed both skills, as hobbies, while raising her daughters. 

Now her perfumes leverage her extensive knowledge of aromatherapy and she holds the title of Reiki Master Teacher. Aromatherapy and meditation were central to the success of Lakenda's own healing journey. These two passions come together in Modern Peasant as a singular purpose to help the world heal from its collective trauma—one breath at a time.