An alluring fragrance—captivating, and mysterious. The heady combination of woods and florals melds into an amber-adjacent, intoxicating scent that is sexy—no matter where you are on the gender-fluid scale. Spicy and seductive. Mystery offers that tantalizing bit of the unknown reminiscent of a 1940's film noir.

Mystery, botanical body spray, lingers lightly on the skin, adding a lasting freshness to the skin. Layers well with any Modern Peasant Botanical Huile de Parfums. Take the adventure!

100% natural, botanical scent made from dried organic plants, hydrosols, essential oils, and natural isolates.

Scent: Inspired by the classic perfume, "Shalimar". Cedarwood, Patchouli, Spikenard, Rose, and Essential Oils.

Vegan. No artificial fragrances. No Chemicals. Excellent for fragrance-sensitive people and environments.

Mystery Body Spray (Unisex)

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