Modern Peasant botanical Palo Santo & Lavender Cleansing Room Spray cleans odors out of the air! Don't just cover it up. Clean the bad smells from the air—even pet odors. The 100% natural fresh air reviver for baby changing stations, litter boxes, lockers, and bathrooms.

This smokeless smudge relies on the cleansing properties of Palo Santo, a South American sacred tree with a sweet, woody scent. Lavender hydrosol and essential oils balance the sharp, sweet wood with a soft floral undertone. Excellent for rituals, energy clearing, and reclaiming your space.

Cleanse the air. Clear your space.

Safe for air and topical use.

100% natural, botanical scent made from dried organic plants, hydrosols, essential oils, and natural isolates.

Scent: Lavender, Palo Santo, Natural Isolates, and Essential Oils.

Vegan. No artificial fragrances. No Chemicals. Excellent for fragrance-sensitive people and environments.

Cleansing Room Spray. Palo Santo & Lavender.

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